Finding Strength in Christ Jesus

The bible tells us that we are to find our strength in Christ as followers, not in ourselves, not in any earthly thing. Philippians 4:13 tells us that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Isaiah 40:31 reminds us that if we wait upon the Lord that we shall renew our strength. Jesus is the strength of our heart, He is our strength who we should trust all day and every day of our lives as followers of Christ. Habakkuk 3:19 reads The Lord God is my strength, we are to trust completely in Him to take care of our needs and to deliver us from evil. Do not fear, do not foster a spirit of fear, when God has told you to do otherwise. Find strength in Christ Jesus whenever trouble comes around. If you place your strength in money, in friends, in family, in education, and other earthly things, you are bound to end up disappointed. When you place your faith and trust in Christ Jesus, you will never be disappointed. Jesus is there to take care of all of your needs, and as followers, He is our rock, our foundation, where we draw our strength in times of weakness, all day every day.

His power and His mercy, strength and all of His comfort, are available to anyone, whoever believes. Though our faith might start out weak, it can grow. As it grows, the fear will trickle away and you will be left with a steadfast affirmation that Christ Jesus is your personal strength, who you turn to in good times and in bad. Our weakness is God’s opportunity to shine. 2 Corinthians 12:9 tells us that His grace is sufficient for all and that His power is made perfect in our weakness. We are not to place our confidence in other people or other things in this world because we know that ultimately all will pass away. Instead, we place our security and trust, comfort, in Him because He will always be there to meet our needs. As followers of Christ, we find and renew our strength by turning to Him, repenting of our sins, and praying for Him to meet our needs. By ourselves, we have many weaknesses and might not be able to do much, but we can find strength in Jesus to do more than we ever thought possible.

Alpha and Omega

The word Alpha means first, and Omega means last. God is the Alpha and the Omega. This means that Jesus is the first and the last. He knows the end from the beginning. When God calls Himself as the Alpha and the Omega in Revelation 1:8, 21:6 and 22:13, He means that He is the beginning and the end. He existed at the beginning of the universe, and He has no end. He, Himself is the end. Sounds funny! Yes, but that is the truth.

As a Christian, it is vital to acknowledge that everything started with Him and will end with Him. John 1:3 says that all things were made through Him; nothing was made that was made without His Word. In the book of Revelation, He promises that the end shall come and all the universe shall be burnt to ashes. What should come to your mind as you go through such stories is that you and I are God’s own creation, created to fulfil a purpose. Every time you feel confused about life, you’ve got to go back to the Creator who knows your end from your beginning. The more you know Him, the more you know yourself. 

As the Alpha and the Omega, God desires that we worship Him in truth and spirit without blame. In Revelation 1:8, He says that He is the Alpha and the Omega, the one who was, who is and is to be. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Therefore, everyone should understand that whatever He says about Himself never changes. He does not lie. He defines our life. Being the Alpha and the Omega, He is the most supreme, and so we should always understand that we live under His power, whether we believe in Him or not. We can all worship Him and thank Him for being our Alpha and Omega.

Morning Blessings, Prayers, and Ideas

As you wake up every morning, there are some prayers which you can say to attract blessings to your day. You shouldn’t just wake up without acknowledging that you have a Heavenly Father who has blessings for each day. There are several ideas for ways of doing this.

1.Confess your blessings

God calls things that are not as though they are (Romans 4:17). As a believer, you’ve got to imitate the same. As much as things may not seem to be working in your favour, you’ve got to engage your faith to change the situation. Faith it until it happens. Confessing your expectation is one way of blessing your day as you start it in the morning. Proverbs 23:18, ‘For surely there is a future hope; and your expectation shall not be cut off’. This is an assurance from heaven that whatever you expect in God’s will come to be.

2. Speak to that hard situation

You also can attract your blessings by being against all those ‘mountains’ that you feel might hinder your blessings from being accomplished. For instance, if you are suffering from unbelief or doubt, you can speak to that situation. Remind yourself that you are already blessed with the blessing of Abraham. Genesis 24:1 tells you that Abraham was blessed in all ways, including his descendants of whom you are one. Poverty thoughts can separate you from the blessing of the day. Therefore, speak against that evil thought of failure and hindrances to your blessings.

3. Believe in the Word of God

Did you know that by just simply believing what the Bible says will attract your day’s blessings? As you ask God to give you whatever you would term as a blessing for the day, you can go ahead and believe in God’s ability to bless you. A double-minded person is like a wave of the sea, which is tossed back and forth; he is unstable in all his ways and whatever he does (James 1:7-8). You have to believe that God is going to bless you. Otherwise, your prayer cannot be fulfilled.

Example of a prayer that can attract your blessing for the day

‘Heavenly Father, I am so grateful for this day that you have given me that I may rejoice in it. As I start this day, Lord, I declare that I am a blessing with the blessing of Abraham. Your blessings make me rich and add no sorrow. I know you have great plans for blessing me today. I receive your blessing. Nothing shall separate me from your love today, Lord. Because you live, I am an heir of your kingdom, and so Lord make your blessing manifest in my life, in Jesus name. I speak against the plan of the enemy for you have come to give me life in abundance. Amen!’

Daily Prayer for Guidance Through Life

As a Christian, it is important to turn to God in prayer all throughout the day, anytime, anywhere that you are. You can always turn to Christ and seek to renew your strength. If you are feeling confused or overwhelmed, know that God isn’t and that He is in control. He wants you to turn to Him and grow in faith through prayer regularly. In Matthew 7:7-8 it reads that we shall Ask, and it shall be given you, seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you. God wants you to turn to Him to meet your needs, continue walking in faith and trusting that He will meet your needs and give you just what you need. If you are not sure about your path, that is okay, because God is sure; turn to Him and acknowledge Him in all of your ways. Engaging in prayer daily is the best way to grow in that relationship with Christ and we can use daily prayer for guidance through our lives. Matthew 21:22 reads that all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. That doesn’t mean that we are going to get anything and everything that we want, but whatever is in His will for us to have; believe that He will meet that need for you. And if it isn’t in His will for you to have it, you don’t need it anyways.

Call upon the Lord and He will answer you, Psalm 91:15 tells us, He hears the prayers of the righteous. From 2 Corinthians 5:21 we know that He made Christ to be sin for us, even though He knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in Him. Prayer for God to guide you through any of your troubles, to guide you to what is right for you, and for His will to be done in your life, not your own. We might not know what is best for us, but God does. Whatever He has planned for our lives is better than we could have ever imagined. We just need to trust in Him and through prayer seek His face above all else. Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall answer; thou shalt cry, and He shall say, Here I am, Isaiah 58:9. He is always there to hear your calls and He wants you to seek Him through daily prayer for guidance.


I pray to be guided by the Holy Spirit. I know that I cannot do everything on my own, and I am open to your help, Lord. ,I want you to come into every area of my life, guide me to doing what is right and I pray above all else that your will be done, Father. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

I want you to guide me, Father, lead me in every area of my life, take charge and remain in control forever. Stand by me and help me with everything that I go through because I know that I cannot make it through anything without your help. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Your ways are the best ways, Father, you know better than I. I pray for your wisdom and your guidance on my journey through life. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for giving me strength, for not giving up on me, for comforting me, counselling me, and helping me. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

How to Develop a Prayer for Encouragement and Strength

Most people love the verse Luke 5:16 as it shows that like all of us, Jesus needed a break from His busy life in order to recharge His batteries and take time to spend with His loving Father. The life of Christ had the intention of helping us draw lessons on how to make a prayer for encouragement and strength, just as Jesus did. Even if Jesus was God incarnate, He never used his superpowers to help Him in facing various life challenges. When He was burdened or exhausted, or needed spiritual refreshment, He slipped away to make a prayer plugging in purpose, perception, and power that is only found in the presence of God.

These are the critical things that will be of help to you in developing a more powerful prayer in your life. They will help make this a praying year.

1.    Knowing to whom you are speaking

When making a prayer you are conversing with God, and in every conversation, there is a need for calling the person’s name to seek his attention. In the case of Jesus, He was beginning with “Our Father in heaven” as He was focusing on a distinct person who was God. God is His heavenly Father, and He had developed a personal relationship with Him. In some cases, you may wonder who to address in the Holy Trinity. Most of the time, there is a need to address Jesus and ask for intervention from His Father.

2.    Thanking Him

A heartfelt thank you is an excellent way of starting a conversation. Like any other parent, God is happy when we have grateful hearts. Additionally, His heart jumps for joy when you are praising Him for everything He has helped you to accomplish. When you thank God for every situation in life, you will be increasing your faith and will end up a more confident person. Besides, praise helps in opening Heaven’s gates and should always be aiming at bringing us closer to Almighty God.

3.    Asking for God’s Will

It is not only in the Lord’s Prayer that Christ shows His total submission to God’s will. The other situation is in Gethsemane before His crucifixion. In this case, He asked for God’s will to be done after He prayed. This is what you can do anytime when praying in this confusing world. Always let God take control as His will is beyond any human understanding, and He wishes us all the best. Besides, when He brings challenges, He is aware we are strong enough to handle them.

A prayer for encouragement and strength

HowRenew my strength, Lord. Fill me with your supernatural power to overcome each obstacle in my path. With my eyes on you, Lord, with you walking beside me, working through me, I can make it. Thank you, Lord!