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Finding Strength in Christ Jesus

The bible tells us that we are to find our strength in Christ as followers, not in ourselves, not in any earthly thing. Philippians 4:13 tells us that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. Isaiah 40:31 reminds us that if we wait upon the Lord that we shall renew our strength. Jesus is the strength of our heart, He is our strength who we should trust all day and every day of our lives as followers of Christ. Habakkuk 3:19 reads The Lord God is my strength, we are to trust completely in Him to take care of our needs and to deliver us from evil. Do not fear, do not foster a spirit of fear, when God has told you to do otherwise. Find strength in Christ Jesus whenever trouble comes around. If you place your strength in money, in friends, in family, in education, and other earthly things, you are bound to end up disappointed. When you place your faith and trust in Christ Jesus, you will never be disappointed. Jesus is there to take care of all of your needs, and as followers, He is our rock, our foundation, where we draw our strength in times of weakness, all day every day.

His power and His mercy, strength and all of His comfort, are available to anyone, whoever believes. Though our faith might start out weak, it can grow. As it grows, the fear will trickle away and you will be left with a steadfast affirmation that Christ Jesus is your personal strength, who you turn to in good times and in bad. Our weakness is God’s opportunity to shine. 2 Corinthians 12:9 tells us that His grace is sufficient for all and that His power is made perfect in our weakness. We are not to place our confidence in other people or other things in this world because we know that ultimately all will pass away. Instead, we place our security and trust, comfort, in Him because He will always be there to meet our needs. As followers of Christ, we find and renew our strength by turning to Him, repenting of our sins, and praying for Him to meet our needs. By ourselves, we have many weaknesses and might not be able to do much, but we can find strength in Jesus to do more than we ever thought possible.

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